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Deborah’s story


47-year-old Deborah enjoyed an active and healthy lifestyle – walking and cycling regularly and working out at the gym so often her friends had taken to calling her a ‘gym rat’.

Deborah always prided herself on her hour-glass figure and enviable waistline but, as she entered her late 40’s, the weight began to pile on, especially around her middle.

“I was sluggish and no longer full of beans. I couldn’t explain why,” she said. “I hadn’t changed what I was eating. If anything, I was even more careful.”

One of Deborah’s friends suggested that it maybe something to do with the menopause and perhaps she needed to modify her diet. So, Deborah got in touch with us for a free exploratory call with Danielle.

The lightbulb moment
“What impressed me was that Danielle didn’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach,” explained Deborah. “She asked questions to find out what success would look like for me personally.
“I learned how the foods we eat when we’re younger may not serve us well as our bodies’ requirements change during the perimenopause and menopause years. Understanding that and how it related to my own personal situation was a real ‘lightbulb’ moment.”

After talking to Deborah, Danielle recommended a comprehensive initial assessment, with an appropriate follow-up package to track progress and provide support.

Right from the start
Deborah completed a few questionnaires aimed at providing a fully rounded view of her health history.
Over a period of three days (two weekdays and one at the weekend), she provided a detailed log of everything she ate and drank, so we could create a full nutritional assessment of her diet. We recorded her baseline metabolic flexibility and body composition at the first clinic visit and followed this with a review of the results from the questionnaires and nutritional analysis.

We discussed the options for follow-up support that were available, and Deborah decided that she would benefit from weekly health coaching sessions and regular testing to track progress.

The results
“It happened gradually but after just a few weeks, I felt better, slept better and the bloating around my waist had reduced,” Deborah explained. “More importantly, I enjoyed the changes to my diet. I never felt hungry, and my energy levels went up. My family really noticed the difference!”
Debbie hugely valued the weekly health coaching calls with Deborah. By the end of the 12-week programme, she felt and looked like a new person. The changes in her body composition were remarked upon by her friends. She’d rediscovered her waist and there was no chance of losing it again.

Because Deborah had achieved metabolic flexibility, no foods were off bounds. “I have a nutritional blueprint for the future and, best of all, I know the changes I’ve made will increase my chances of a long, healthy life.”

The names and images have been changed to protect our clients identities.

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