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Pathways to restoring hormonal health

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8 pillars of hormonal health

Whatever it is you need to ‘fix’ – problems with menstruation, difficulties in conceiving, staying healthy throughout pregnancy or dealing with the challenges of the menopausal years – the philosophy is the same.

To solve the issues you’re facing, you need to fix nutrition first.

Here’s how our 12-week programmes achieve this.


Rebalancing your diet

with nutrient dense hormone supporting foods


Supporting optimal digestion

and gut health, by feeding your microbes


Reducing inflammation

through elimination of processed foods


Optimising liver health

essential for clearing the body of toxic substances


Restoring metabolic flexibility

and insulin sensitivity, to free you from the tyranny of calorie counting


Removal of environmental toxins

and endocrine disruptors


Boosting your energy

by creating a mitochondria friendly environment


Prioritising relaxation

stress management and mental health support

Why 12 weeks?

It takes time to fix your symptoms and see tangible results.

Changing your eating habits and your lifestyle is not a quick fix.

You will need support and coaching to keep on track. Our programmes ensure you learn practical strategies to build a healthy and sustainable eating lifestyle – one that becomes a permanent part of your life.

Process at a glance

Restoring Hormonal Balance Remote Restoring Hormonal Balance in person Questionnaire Assessment Testing Health Coaching “My healthy Life Plan” Hormonal Balance Symptoms assessment Liver Health Review Inflamation Review Fatigue / Energy assessment Nutrition (Based on 3 day food diary) Metabolic Flexibility (MetFlexBio®) Recommended plan to support hormonal health and personal goals Body Composition assessment (muscle mass/bone density/adipose distribution) Weekly coaching Digestion / Gut Review Metabolic Flexibility Review Access to Libro® app during 12 week programme to monitor nutrients in diet Mitochondria Health (energy) Bi-weekly coaching (lighter support option) Dutch Test / other laboratory tests (supplementary)
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Being inspired to succeed

Knowing what you need to do is one thing. Doing it and fitting it in with a busy work and family schedule is another.

Whether your aim is to alleviate menstrual or perimenopause/menopause symptoms, or to nourish your body to support your future baby, the key to your success is creating an exciting vision for your life that inspires you.

Setting bi-weekly or even better, weekly action plans and agreeing what steps you will take is essential to keep you moving forward. Using a range of proven tools, we will help you overcome barriers and limiting beliefs, keep you focused and motivated, and reinforce positive changes along the way. Our aim is that you really enjoy this important journey and achieve your desired health goals.

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We monitor your progress with our nutrition app, allowing you to see how the changes you’re making to your diet are supporting your journey.

Rest Dont Quit


Your journey through the programme is supported with health coaching and advice to maintain the effectiveness of the changes you’ve made and foster long-term success

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Got Questions?

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Ways to get to know you

There are two ways you can begin working with Plena Health: either in-person and face-to-face at our Leamington Spa clinic, or remotely with online coaching and analysis.

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Virtual remote option
Telehealth Remote Meeting

Whichever route you choose, you will be offered an initial two-week assessment as the first stage in a 12-week programme, followed by a schedule of health coaching sessions.

Follow-up support

We’re always available for follow-up support. It can be very intense during the 12-week programmes, as you adopt your new lifestyle and experience the transformation. Many of our clients tell us that they appreciate the opportunity to have some sessions booked in the calendar after their 12-week programme to check-in and review their health goals. You may not need the weekly or bi-weekly support, but perhaps every two or three months would work for you. Alternatively, you may prefer a full MetFlexBio® assessment to see how far you’ve progressed. We’re flexible. You tell us what works for you.

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