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Ashna’s Story

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21-year-old University student Ashna came to see us with a history of heavy, irregular periods, skin problems, digestion issues, headaches, mood swings and fatigue that made every month a misery.

Her diet was high in processed carbs, sugar and deficient in essential macronutrients, protein and fats and micronutrients essential to support a young healthy adult.

“I craved sugar,” she said, “I mostly ate convenience foods on the go. I always started my day with a large latte at the Uni coffee shop, ate ready meals, drank alcohol on a regular basis and was always snacking late at night”.

Ashna had tried using the combined oral contraceptive pill, which made her periods lighter, but increased breast tenderness and made her headaches worse.

Danielle carried out a complete MetFlexBio® assessment and asked Ashna to complete a ‘food and mood’ journal, which enabled her to assess Ashna’s nutrient intake. During the initial clinical visit, Danielle analysed Ashna’s body composition and conducted metabolic function testing, which clearly identified the cause of her fatigue. Her mitochondria – the body’s energy powerhouses – were under stress. They were not receiving the nutrients they needed to support her energy demands.

Danielle was surprised that Ashna was coping as well as she did, but significant changes were required. Danielle explained how important it was include a minimum amount of protein – essential for growth and maintenance of tissues – in her diet on a daily basis. To improve her mitochondrial function, we provided some easy, student-friendly recipes to increase her intake of healthy fats rich in Omega-3 and incorporate foods rich in B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc.

We checked in with Ashna on a weekly basis to provide advice and support. Each call was structured, with a specific topic to ensure that she remained engaged, focused and motivated to make and maintain the changes. Ashna found the idea of batch cooking and regular meal planning helpful whilst trying to juggle her busy schedule. When asked what helped the most, Ashna said, “I just loved the mobile app. It really helped me track my food and stay focused on my goals.”

Danielle was conscious that peer pressure and a desire to ‘go with the flow’ at Uni could derail Ashna’s progress. She needn’t have worried. By the time they met for a follow-up MetFlexBio® assessment, Ashna was feeling more energetic and had managed to kick the snacking habit. The first period she had since starting on her new lifestyle diet plan was more manageable.

The test results confirmed that Ashna was sticking to the plan. Her metabolic function had started to show signs of improvement and Danielle was confident that Ashna’s life would no longer be ruled by her periods.

The names and images have been changed to protect our clients identities.

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