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It can be very challenging to provide a prospective client with a price up-front. However, we recognise that some information is better than no information at all. So, that is why, we have prepared this document to give you some insight into the key components that can impact the overall price.

The first part of the process is the complimentary consultation call. This is a very valuable part of the process for both the nutritionist and the prospective client. For the nutritionist it is an opportunity to understand if the health challenges you are experiencing are likely to be as a result of hormonal imbalance.


From the client’s perspective, it is an opportunity for you to engage with a health professional to:

For all our clients, we would initially recommend a Nutritional Health Review. This is priced at £295 and covers the following:

Request for you to complete three health questionnaires:

Request for you to complete a 3-day food diary:

This will be analysed using professional nutritional analysis software to provide a complete assessment of your macronutrient (protein/fats/carbohydrates) and micronutrient status (vitamins & minerals).

A report will be produced with recommendations to address any deficiencies identified.

1x full consultation (1 hour) appointment:

To discuss Health questionnaires report and Nutritics report, with recommendations for next steps to achieve your stated health goals.

What next?

At this point, for some people they may feel that this is all the information they need and are happy to start working on the recommendations without further guidance. However, we find that for the majority of our clients, they appreciate that knowing is not the same as doing and need the support/ accountability that is available via health coaching sessions.

We offer two options for the health coaching

Online 45-minute (1 to 1) strategy sessions to help support health goals and maintain positive changes (5x bi-weekly or 10x weekly).

Typical areas that we may focus on during health coaching include:

The choice of which areas to focus on will depend on your symptoms, your health goals, and the results from your initial assessment. In some circumstances, we may recommend additional testing (MetFlexBio® and/or the Dutch Plus Hormone Test).

For many women, their hormonal challenges are often accompanied by sub-optimal metabolic health.  It is estimated that only 15% of adults in the US have good metabolic health and this figure is likely to be similar in the UK. We have therefore developed a testing protocol (MetFlexBio®), to assess metabolic flexibility (ability of the body to switch between carbohydrates and fat for energy production), mitochondrial efficiency (ability of the body to produce energy from the food we consume) and body composition (% fat mass and % fat free [muscle] mass). The ECal™ system enables us to track improvements in metabolic flexibility.
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Upgrading your nutrition to improve macro (fats/protein/carbohydrates) distribution and micronutrient (vitamins & minerals) density can often lead to weight loss. It is desirable to ensure that any weight loss is from fat mass and not lean muscle tissue.

This can be tracked with the eBiody body composition tool. This option is only available for clients who can travel to our clinic in Leamington Spa.
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Metabolic Flexibility & Body Composition assessment: : £395.00

At The Lab

Dutch Plus Test Comprehensive Hormone Assessment : £295.00

On-line programmes and free challenges.

Whilst 1:1 is a great option and allows us to provide personalised support, we are actively developing new approaches to enable us to support prospective clients. These will include free challenges and on-line paid group programmes.  

Start date 7th November 2022

Questions & answers

The key word in this question, is commitment. We are committed to helping you achieve your health goals. However, in our experience the only time that clients do not achieve the goals that we have identified and agreed together, is when their reasons for embarking on this new lifestyle are not strong enough and they find themselves easily distracted by life events. We understand that changing habits of a lifetime is not easy but understanding why you want to make those changes and attaching a high degree of importance to “your why”, enables you to stay on track. This is where health coaching is especially important, as we help you identify your reasons and provide tips on how to seamlessly introduce our recommendations into your life. We’re committed to your transformation, the question is are you?

What Happens

Relax, we all have foods that we don’t like and whilst we love salad, there is more to life than salad. We enjoy food and you’ll be surprised at many delicious foods we re-introduce back into your diet, that you thought were off-limits.  We’re flexible and will work with you to adapt the recipes to your needs. There are foods that we will encourage you to drop from your diet, but often if you’re willing to experiment, there are options to create some very similar and just as tasty

We understand that you may decide that you’re just not ready to make the changes we recommend.  Let us know and we’ll charge only for the services used up to that point.  It’s your choice and we’d rather you feel fully committed than try to force through changes that you’re just not ready for. There is always an option to re-engage with us at a later stage in your life.

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Real Protein

No, rest assured. The only fad diet that we adhere too, is a preference for real food. We do not recommend low calorie foods or snacks as these are highly processed and can spike your blood sugar levels. We will be helping you to make informed choices focused on nutrient dense real foods either at home or when you’re eating out.

We’re not going to lie we’d rather you kept the alcohol to a minimum. Alcohol is toxin and it can increase the load on the liver. Plus, unfortunately, alcohol does contribute to weight gain. However, we both like a drink occasionally. Yvonne loves her Cloudy Bay.  So, it is about finding a happy medium and establishing a healthy relationship with alcohol. Of course, if you are pregnant, then abstaining is recommended.

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Family Dinner

No, ideally not. You may see this an opportunity to incorporate some of the beneficial changes into the family’s diet. Our recipes are family friendly. As much as possible, the food you eat will be the same, although portion sizes of specific food items may vary, and we may ask you to swop one type of food for another. Danielle has 3 daughters and knows all too well the challenges of cooking for a family.

Our promise to you, is to help you reach the transformation you desire. In some cases, we may recommend the full 12-week programme plus testing, but we’d rather you make positive steps on your health journey, than never start at all.

So, we’ll help you prioritise which actions will have the most impact and you can choose how much you want to commit too, up front.  We want this to be a positive experience for everyone.

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The Dutch test is a dried urine test, which is typically not available from your doctor, but is considered the gold standard for hormone testing. This test can be particularly helpful for women who are exhibiting signs of oestrogen dominance during the perimenopause.

The test kit is mailed to the client with instructions regarding how & when to collect the samples. The samples are packaged and mailed, using the pre-paid envelope provided, to our nominated laboratory by the client. On receipt of the Dutch test report, a Plena Health nutritionist will interpret the results and provide you with a summary report including recommendations for next steps.

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