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We specialise in advising women who are struggling with aspects of their reproductive health – whether it’s menstruation, pre-conception and pregnancy, or perimenopause and menopause.

So many of the problems we encounter at these stages of our lives are the result of hormonal imbalances, aggravated by poor nutrition. But they can be solved by fixing your food first.

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Does every month bring heavy or irregular periods, debilitating cramps and migraines that wipe you out?
Are you trying to have a baby and worried it’s not as easy as it should be?
Are you putting on weight even though your diet hasn’t changed?
Are you feeling tired and struggling to cope with hot flashes and brain fog?

Many of these problems are the result of hormonal imbalances and can be resolved by simple but effective changes to your diet.

We are here to help you mobilise the power of healthy nutrition and transform your experience of puberty and periods, conception and pregnancy, and perimenopause and menopause.

We offer a holistic clinical assessment of your unique hormonal and nutritional status, and create a personal and sustainable nutrition action plan that will help you feel healthier, more energised and able to enjoy life to the full.

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