Remote programme

We’d love to meet up with you in person to test your metabolic flexibility and assess your body composition, but we recognise that this may not be an option for everyone. However, it is still possible to gain a lot of information from your completed questionnaires and nutritional data to build a personalised programme to support your transformation.

Initial two-week assessment

We’ll undertake a comprehensive assessment of your normal dietary intake, health history (including hormonal health, gut health and liver health), allergies, and metabolic flexibility. You will complete a food diary using the Libro mobile app.

Following analysis of your food diary and questionnaires, we will schedule a 1.5 hour comprehensive online review of your results, via Zoom.

During the call we will discuss our recommendations and any concerns, and revise as appropriate. We will identify manageable milestones, which will we track together as part of the follow-on health coaching support programme.

What you can expect from us?
A personalised ‘Fix your nutrition first’ action plan to set you on the right path to reach your health goals.

Comprehensive Review

A comprehensive

Digestive symptoms, liver health, hormonal health and general health

Vit D Food

Full nutritional

Dietary intake, and vitamin & mineral balance assessment

Nutritionist Vitamins

Your personal nutrition action plan

Sets you on the right path to reach your health goals

Health coaching support
- online via Zoom.

Bi-weekly (5) or weekly (10) 30-minute online health coaching follow up sessions to support your progress and help keep you on track with the nutritional changes you make

Access to our nutrition clinic app, Libro, to help you keep track of your progress.

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Free guide to
Healthy Happy Hormones

This guide is a great introduction to the impact of nutrition on your hormones and your mental well-being.

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