In clinic programme

A face-to-face assessment, ideal if you’re able to come to our clinic in Leamington Spa. Our in clinic programme includes a full MetFlexBio® metabolic assessment, giving us a host of accurate data to assess the impact your hormones are having on your metabolism.

Start with a comprehensive two-week personal assessment

We start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your normal dietary intake, health history (including hormonal health, gut health and liver health), allergies and much more. You will complete a food diary using the Libro mobile app. This will enable us to identify your typical macronutrient consumption and assess mineral/vitamins status.

We will host you at our clinic in Leamington Spa, to undertake our unique MetFlexBio® assessment of your metabolic function/flexibility and your mitochondrial energy efficiency, using an indirect calorimetry device (ECAL).

The MetFlexBio® assessment includes a full body composition assessment using the Biody Xpert clinical grade bioimpedance device. If appropriate we may recommend additional blood or urine tests. Understanding your key health concerns and goals will be crucial in the design of the 12-week programme. 

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Restoring your metabolic flexibility is one of the keys to hormonal balance

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight, or find yourself on the sugar roller coaster, unable to resist that mid-morning snack, chances are you’re metabolically inflexible. This becomes increasingly more likely as we age, and our hormone patterns change. Being able to switch easily between carbs and fats is a sign of metabolic flexibility.

We will measure your metabolic flexibility using our unique MetFlexBio® protocol, which will tell us if your body is predominantly burning fats or carbohydrates. Armed with that information, we will devise a personalised plan to restore your metabolic flexibility, enabling you to feel in control of your hunger, burn the unwanted fat and be at peace with your food choices.

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What will mitochondrial testing tell me?

Mitochondria have been described as the powerhouse cells of the body. Mitochondrial testing is a core component of the MetFlexBio® assessment and will give us an indication of how efficient your body is at converting energy (particularly important if you’re experiencing chronic fatigue). Viewed alongside your resting metabolic rate and metabolic flexibility, it enables us to identify and suggest changes that can be made to your diet.

What will body composition
analysis tell me?

We will assess bone density, total body hydration, muscle (fat-free mass), internal and external fat. Internal fat surrounding the organs carries a higher health risk than external fat stored around the hips and thighs.

Understanding where you store your fat will provide additional information about your unique metabolism and enable us to tailor our recommendations.

To measure is to know. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

- Lord Kelvin

A comprehensive analysis of your hormonal health to create a unique, personalised programme.

We will review your, habits, lifestyle and current health state and use the information to create your 12-week personalised programme to help you meet your health goals.


A comprehensive

Gut health, hormonal health, liver health and general health.

Vitamin D Food

Full nutritional

Dietary intake, vitamin & mineral balance assessment

Body Composition

Full body
composition analysis

Including a report on muscle mass, bone density, cellular hydration, adipose tissue (fat cells) distribution


Metabolic flexibility assessment

with full report including VO2, VCO2, RMR (Resting metabolic rate) and fat oxidation. Determine if you have slow, normal or fast metabolism.

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Mitochondrial energy assessment

Evaluate how efficiently your cells use oxygen for energy production

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Blood tests

Blood or urine tests may be recommended, if appropriate, to confirm hormonal imbalances or nutrient deficiencies (additional cost applies).

We’re with you all the way as you make the necessary changes to balance your hormones and feel like 'you' again

The challenges that each woman is facing are unique, but we know that focusing on restoring your metabolic flexibility, nurturing your gut health, supporting your liver and ensuring that your diet provides an optimal amount of all the vital macro and micronutrients will be important features of your 12-week programme.

If your initial MetFlexBio® assessment shows that you are metabolically inflexible, full re-testing throughout the 10-week follow-up period will be recommended to track progress and adjust your plan, if required. We know how motivating it is to see the numbers change and know that you are on the right track.

Health coaching support is an integral part of our programme, with either bi-weekly (5) or weekly (10) 30 minute on-line sessions to support your progress and help you adopt the recommended nutritional changes. Our nutrition clinic app, Libro, will be available to help you keep track of key nutrients.

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